RCGF Foundation

Rural Credit Guarantee Foundation (RCGF) was established on July 08, 2015 by Court Order Number 518 as a Not-for-Profit Foundation under the Laws of the Republic of Albania for the purpose of facilitating access to finance for Albanian farmers and rural entrepreneurs with insufficient or lack of collateral. RCGF coverage is for the entire country with no geographic limitations. Support is given to Partner Financial Institutions (PFIs) through a Risk Sharing Guarantee Mechanism. Guarantees remain invisible to the final beneficiary to mitigate moral hazard. Borrowers have to meet the eligibility criteria based on employment size, sales, loan amount and overall bank borrowings.


The German Financial Cooperation, through KfW Entwicklungbank, acting on behalf of the European Commission, established the RCGF Foundation through a grant provided by the EU and the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources. The grant was used to capitalize the Foundation and commence operations.
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