-Privately owned businesses, IPARD and NON-IPARD with less than 25 permanent employees that need bank finance and that fulfil the following criteria. -Legal status: partnership, proprietorship or company (private as well as limited) registered within QKR or Farmers Register; -Going concern for 2 years; -Carefully selected SMEs, which meet prudent credit evaluation and due diligence guidelines acceptable to the Rural Credit Guarantee Foundation; -Have a project that generates sufficient cash flow for repayment - Lack or only possess insufficient bankable collateral; - Meet all prudential regulations and clearance from the Credit Bureau of the Bank of Albania; - Cleared by the most recent Bank of Albania Sanction list; -Other conditions may apply
-New loans to existing clients who have currently no outstanding non-performing bad loans; -New loans to new clients; -Investment and working capital capital loans
-Consumer or non-productive loans -Loans with maturity of less than 12 months -Non-compliant with exclusion list
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